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    A hosting domain?

    When it comes to creating a new hosting domain what do you think is best, something unique (ie: godaddy, 1and1..etc)

    Or, something keyword rich to help with search engines (ie:,

    With all the competition these days will a keyword rich domain even do anything for you in the se's?

    I'm wondering because I am consider moving my hosting website now while it's still somewhat small and there aren't tons of clients to a short, easy to remember that I have (Qaxa)

    your thoughts? suggestions?

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    I think that the domain name is not the primary key to your success.

    You have many hosting companies and other examples who succed with horrible domain names.

    However i think that having a good one could get you some more sales,
    these are the things i considered while choosing mine:

    - A domain that I like very much. I think i could not stand having to work on a domain that i don't like even if it is appraised at 4figures.
    - A domain that sounds professional: Not
    - A domain that reflects what you sell: don't go with if you also sell other services and solutions.
    - I would go with a 2name domain, never go with a 3 words: they suck. I would also not get a domain with webhosting in it.
    - I wouldn't go with domains like godaddy or 1and1, they are succesfull because they started out when there wasn't so much competion, so i'd suggest you think a bit before going over to (a great domain for a web2.0 app, not so much for a hosting site imho).

    The i guess it will just be branding issues, you could make money also with or stuff like that if you have a good branding strategy.
    (Actually hiddenmonkey is pretty cool i just thougth of it! lol, i guess i'm gonna register it for some other projects )

    Hope this will help you!

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    If I were a potential customer, I'd generally like to see some idea of what you do in your name. But this may be less important than coming up with a name that will stand out. If you don't use some form of "host" in your name, you could scrupulously put it in your <title> and <description> tags.
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    I personaly think that is should be a good combination of both. I personaly would never trust the but maybe some thing like might be a bit better.

    Well realy it up to you but thats my opinion.

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    In the long run, the domain name has to be a brandable one, I don't really prefer a keyword rich domain but there may be mix opinion on this.
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    I say the key is NOT to use the word hosting, dedicated, servers, web, network, rack, byte (anything to do with space such as mega, giga, etc.), tech, net and layer. The word layer itself is not bad, but do you know how many websites have the word layer in their name? SoftLayer, LayeredTech, Layer Shift, Media Layer....and the list can go on. So there is no unique stand point if you use those.

    I dont want to post here how I came up with the name for my company, cause the mods might think I am advertising (unless they are OK with it for just this once ), but it took me at least 3-4 months. Yes, it took me 3-4 months because most of the ones I thought of were already taken left and right. But the name overall is fairly unique. Look at my the name below and see for youself what it means, yea it does have meaning.

    Some of the names which I think unique are Steadfast, HiVelocity, Interland, Peer 1 among others.

    It might look like I've just eliminated all possibilities, but this is where you need to get creative. Sometimes the craziest domain name would be your best choice .
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    Take time branding your company
    Only once you have chosen your branding should you see if the Domain Name is available

    Here is a hypothetical example (as applies in the UK)
    I like the name "Red Book Hosting"
    A search of Companies House shows there is no company with a similar name
    A search of the TradeMarks register shows no company or brands with this same set of words
    Finally, the .com .net and are available

    For a small outlay, the company is registered with Companies House, a bank Account is setup in that name, and the main three Domain Names are all registered
    This effectively protects the names for 3 months
    If the company is not trading after that 3 month period then company name can be challenged

    I have used the same process for the companies I have setup or assisted in doing so

    As for website hosting and Domain Names, I do believe they should be in the same format
    I can think of a few exceptions, but they are rare!
    As for being keyword rich, it makes little or no difference from what I have seen, it is all about content

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    Quote Originally Posted by dna_05 View Post
    I think that the domain name is not the primary key to your success.
    Totally agree on that

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    domain name related to keywords is the way that I have tried to go. There are a lot of hosting companies out there and getting ranked in the search engines seems to be the key. But when I look at my competition (NZ based) I do wonder how they manage to be ranked as high as they are.

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    Make it short, easy to remember and brandable. But, concentrate on other things rather than the domain.
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