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Thread: Is this true?

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    Is this true?

    My website went down 2 days ago and today I see this message.


    This web hosting account has been suspended for one of the following
    - Unpaid invoice(s)
    - Network damage or service interruption
    - Administrative monitoring
    Please keep in mind that if an account holds unpaid invoices for thirty (30)
    days, the account will be terminated.
    I ask support (because there's no way it hasn't been paid) and they tell me that blog that barely received any visitors (alexa rating 2.5 million or something) that it's making the server prone to ddos attack and that softlayer, platinumservermanagement and their support staff all confirmed this and that they are willing to work with us to ensure it doesn't happen again.

    They would however like to charge us a fee for the nominal damage of their time and accounts lost in this process.

    They can't possibly expect us to pay for the accounts lost, downtime and them trying to mitigate a DDOS attack on a server. (I HIGHLY doubt it's our blog since it's just a celebrity gossip blog and barely gets any visitors).

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    I forgot to mention that he was considering "legal action" against us.

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    I would be reading your hosts TOS for starters or at any rate posting up the link to such so we can get a better grasp of the legal stand that the host has on its customers.
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    It says absolutely nothing that it would be out fault.

    How can they go after the victim of a crime rather then the robber? They're hosted by softlayer so if they receive a DDOS attack softlayer can sue them?
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    I need one more post before I can put a link.

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    Ok last post then link

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