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    Question Servers close to home..

    Hi. I'm planning to rent a dedicated server and seeing how this is a rather big investment I'm wondering if I should be looking for something close to where I live so I could see someone in person if there were any major troubles.. Also I reckon I could get a better deal negotiating face to face with someone. I live in Vancouver and I hear we're a pretty good city for servers..

    Anyone with any experience here or any ideas I would love to hear.. comments about the Vancouver market would be good as well.


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    I decided to keep them close to me, in chicago. I was use to working servers close to me, so I decided then to keep close also. I liked it. I would go visit em once or twice a week. Personally I dont like to put complete trust in anyone to be there on a minutes notice to do something. If there was a problem I could be there in 20 minutes. Also if I ever had to switch places, talk about convience. I just think about having a company ship me there server, then once getting it having it shipped out to another. I had it setup to where if I ever had to leave, I could just go down to the company a couple floors below verio. Also I dont want to be paying people to do work on my server from a simple mistake. Like one day I was chaning around the partitions and editing the file which mounts them. I typed in the wrong format and it didnt boot back up. Went down there and got it up myself.
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    :-) Close to home is good.... I always had servers within the US and that is a loooong way away. you never know what can go wrong and it's always easier if you can just nip in the car and have a look for yourself (It's also cheaper to co-lo and just use a datacentre's sys admins services if you needed them :-)

    (Nearly) All our servers are now being re-located near to home

    Good Luck

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