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    What kind of hosting do I need?

    I am completely clueless about these kinds of things. I hired a team to design and create my ecommerce site. This is my first time. My programmer has me on a dedicated server for which I am paying $80/month, and I really don't think I need this. Additionally, he won't give me access to the server, because he says it's under his account which gave me a discount. So I am looking to switch. He says he will give me all the files but will not transfer them for me.
    So, I don't even know what I need - there are so many cheap plans that look great, but I know there must be a catch. My programmer also claims they won't work for my site.
    I have a cubecart shopping cart and around 100 items at any given time.
    Please advise, thank you!

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    i'd say get your files stored as backups on your own computer (just to be safe) and when you switch to a nother host get THEM to transfer your files. Now adays, many hosts transfer your previous files from host to host.

    If you have no real need for dedicated - get something like a vps under your own name. Check out some offers around here for VPS'.

    Im suggesting u use a VPS b/c you said its a business - so i dont recommend you going on a shared plan with other people.

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    If you think, you don't need the dedicated server,you can try to get virtual private server. Each virtual server can run its own full-fledged operating system, and each server can be independently rebooted.

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    I signed up with and they set me up with a free merchant account and helped me with the shopping cart, they are really good for ecommerce websites!

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