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    newbie question- asp & ms access

    i'm new to all this and have a few quick questions...

    first off, a lot of hosting sites i see reference ASP support in their basic packages, but i'm wondering if this includes the use of small WRITABLE microsoft access (*.mdb) databases? or is this lumped into some other category for pricing in most cases?

    *edit* note: i will be using only dsn-less connections with the access databases, so will not require system dsn's.

    secondly, since i'll most likely be getting put on a win2000/nt box, how will i access file permissions for my site? what is the norm here?

    *edit* what has been the general consensus on their site is pretty informative and easy to navigate, with good features for the price... comments?

    thanks in advance for any/all help.
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    In answer to your first question, MS Access database support is generally not included unless specified in the hosting plan itself. ASP has other purposes besides database integration (e.g. form-to-email, redirection, text file reading/writing, etc.)

    As far as file permissions goes, this depends on your host and what it is you're trying to do. Some of them will let you assign NTFS permissions through a web-based control panel, others will restrict access to certain Internet Information Services standard protocols (e.g. the CDONTS mail object). The best thing you can do is get all the details you possibly can for the host plans you are interested in; pick 3-5 that you can narrow it down to by price/value/minimum required features/and then ask in here again which of the 3-5 would be best (more than likely, someone in here will have had experience with at least one of the hosts you have picked.)
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    Nice info from TheGAME1264

    My 2 Cents . . .

    Most of the ASP/ Access WebHost allow you DSN Less Connectivity,
    to be sure you can mail them
    this way you will also check thier support.

    Permissions are edited norm with a web based control panel software which mostly allow you to set permissions like Read/Write etc for each folder/file.

    Now Let me give you 5-6 host to pick up

    (These are just search results from this forum)
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