we are currently offering license options for a multiuser real time drawing software. I will explain all details below:

We have created a Flash application where users can draw using their mouse or tablet to draw into a shared area. You can see an example at:


This site is online since two months and there are up to 250 people in 10 different rooms drawing with others. At some times there are 250 people - sometimes just a few like 20 or 50 due the time differences - however, we are very happy with the results and would like to offer license options in case you want to offer the same on your site.

How it works: The flash application can be inserted into your site and connects to our servers (no worries about bandwidth etc). Each room is cleared after 160 seconds to make sure there is enough drawing space as people are sometimes evil and just scribble around. It's basically a game / drawing pad where people can draw together, annoy eachother or play games like "catch me" where the mission is to draw a circle around another users name to "win".

You can see other people drawing in realtime, you can draw with them or simply annoy them. The point is to give people space where they can do what they want - without censorship - which is sometimes really interesting cause it can be so relaxing and peaceful but also very aggressive and cause little fights.

The options for licensing would be:

If you are interested to have such a draw room on your site we would offer you an option where you can license one room for your site which allows up to 25 people to connect and draw at once. You only host the flash file which can be customized by us for you (size / contact details etc). The license can be renewed every year - meaning we host all server side scripts and allow you to include your own room on your domain name for a whole year.

The pricing for one year would be US$ 100.00 for up to 25 connected people at once. You do not have any bandwidth costs as we cover that. That's basically less than 10 $ a year for a lot of fun.

Possible Earnings:
We have adsense on our site and looking at the last two months we see earnings from 6 - 32 US$ per day from Sketch-On.com alone. While we are not trying to sell you the product to make money, I just thought to write this because maybe you are interested in some extra money too. That said, we are offereing licenses so your site visitors can have some extra fun on your site and maybe you will even make some extra bucks.

If you are interested in this application simply send me a PM and I will send you our payment details and discuss customization options in case you need a smaller area - or even a larger one.

Thank you for your interest.

Demo: http://sketch-on.com
Licensing: Server is remotely hosted by us - Your site only uploads the flash client file.
Pricing: US$ 100.00 / per year pre-paid