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    Lightbulb Email Host for MERAK email server

    I DONT EVEN KNOW IF THIS IS POSSIBLE, but i figured i'd try anyway.

    I want to run the merak email server, which needs a windows based server (i prefer windows 2000). however, this requires an installation on a windows machine requiring a reboot. After that, it's fully remote capable for me to access and use.

    I need the following ports though:
    80 - HTTP
    25 SMTP
    465 SMTP SSL
    110 POP3
    995 POP3 SSL
    143 IMAP
    993 IMAP
    443 My remote CP

    all with a static IP (yipee)... now how does that sound? All with 1GB of space for us to move around with (as well as FTP). Does this even sound like i have a chance without having to build a dedicated server and get it set up and such. Would love help here.

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    You're going to need a dedicated server.

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