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    offering cash back question

    Does anyone know how this works? I am new to all of this but am working on starting an online shopping mall that offers a percent cash back, depending on which store you shop at. Does this work through your hosting provider or through some sort of affiliate program?
    I have looked all over but guess I am just not entering the right keywords for my search because I am not turning up anything good. Any help would be appreciated!

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    In order for you to offer a % cash back you would need to be able to verify that payment was made successfully so you need to ensure that any cart software you select accepts a post back from the merchant gateway with the approval transaction number.

    I think you would also need to ensure your merchants ship the product so you probably need to be very careful about which stores you allow to use your mall.

    I don't think your hosting provider nor an affiliate program would help you do what you want to do. I don't think you will find a shopping cart system that supports a "mall" feature and has this built-in. It sounds like a highly specialized/customized feature. Good luck with your project.
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    Actually the tracking would come from my being a part of affiliate programs, which is taken care of.
    There are a bunch of sites out there like what I want to do, including ebates, mypoints, upromise, and many it can't be TOO difficult! I am just not sure how to go about getting it started.
    I know that oscommerce has some sort of point system they offer similar to what i want but they don't offer it on the scale that I want.

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    I dont think you will find an off the shelf solution for this type of thing if you are setting it all up directly with the affiliates (to make maximum money). I believe there are however some white lable solutions which you could brand as your own. This is basically where one of the existing cashback sites let you rebrand their site as your own and you just make a bit of the commission.

    Doing it all yourself is deffinatly a big investement in development time. You would have to integrate with the affiliate(s) and feed back your commission to the customer via some tracking code (trust me, more complex than it sounds)

    Good luck
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    Have you seen these guys over on the creLoaded site

    Not sure if this is exactly what your looking for but they operate a rewards scheme in the form of a discount off your next purchase, might be worth a look.

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