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    Post Step by Step guide needed please

    Hi there
    ive been after starting my own hosting company for along time now but just never no where to start , thats why i have made this post , only just come across this forum ,
    i am looking for a step by step guide to starting and running a hosting company , i would like prices to start up and everything , and would be very grateful for whoever does this for me , also if there are any websites offering good resellers and would like them included ,
    thank you
    daniel wood

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    There is no step by step guide. Same way there is no step by step guide on creating any business. Otherwise everyone will be doing the same thing..

    Your best resource is to read through this section of the forum mainly and gather information..
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    well yeah i suppose but i am sure someone can give advice on how to start up or something

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    If there were such a guide, it would be huge, it's steps would depend on many things: your initial budget, your target market or niche, your personal strengths, weaknesses, experiences, knowledge of the industry and so on.

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    Yes if only there were a subforum with a plethora of tutorials guides and articles covering a myriad of subjects related to organizing and establishing a webhosting company.
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    You need a nice domain, a decente design, a decent server, time and many many other things!
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    You can always start with a shared account and jsut set up a reseller once someone decides to order from you. These days, the basic shared and reseller acounts are cheap.

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