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Thread: Data monitoring

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    Data monitoring

    Since a few day's I'm receiving more incomming traffic then outgoing. I'm wondering what kind of traffic it is and especially from who it is comming.

    Do you people know a way how I can log this? The incomming traffic is to a port with service because my kernel isn't saying that anyone attempts a connection to a port without a service.

    I've installed trafshow already but it isn't very useful because it monitors the whole amount of traffic on the lan and not only from the server.

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    Common ppl? How do you handle it?! There has to be a way,

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    Try IPTraf
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    You may have a user using scp to transfer files to the box. Its a tough one and while I'm doing my research/planning on starting a web hosting business, this is one of the big problems I need to take care of before going ahead. I've looked around for ways to monitor this kind of traffic and thus far have come up empty-handed.

    I wish I had more information for you. While I'm looking around if I find anything I'll be sure to post.

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    How are you getting your current stats? Can't they be modified to show service ports?

    Anyway, I'd recommend just using IP accounting, but you didn't say what OS you're using.

    In Linux, you just set up some user defined input chains with ipchains or iptables.
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    I'm using FreeBSD 4.6 currently I'm watching trafshow and tcpdump to see the traffic. As far as I know their can't be installed a service or what so ever. Because I don't give my clients shell access.

    I'm getting my current graphs / stats with MRTG

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    Thumbs up mrtg is great !

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