After two years of planning and development, Censura 2.0 is now available for immediate purchase, download and installation on your website.

Censura 2.0 is the most powerful, flexible and scalable reviews and ratings application written in PHP available today.

Drive traffic and content to your site by empowering your visitor and users with the ability to voice their opinions.

Censura's Architecture and Features
Censura allows your visitors to review and rate products on your site.
With multiple categories, vendors and images per product, you have complete control over how your review site is built.

Categories are the placeholders for all your products. Censura provides an unlimited category hierarchy each of which can have its own unique reviews and ratings system. Why stick with just simple 5 star rating systems?

Optionally group your products by one or more vendors allowing your visitors to search and view your site by vendor.

A new feature for 2.0, series allow you to group products together in a different way, irrespective of the categories or vendors they are assigned to.

Reviews and Ratings
Reviews and ratings are the core of Censura, allowing your visitors to add their own unique content to your site.
Censura excels in allowing you complete control over the ratings system, and 2.0 improves on this powerful feature. Want more than five stars for numeric ratings, want yes/no style ratings, or text ratings? Not a problem.

Each category can have its own set of custom product attributes. Want one set of data in Category A, and a different in Category B, Censura can provide this.

Censura Integration
Censura 2.0 vastly improves it's user integration with popular forum software, including vBulletin, Invision Power Board, SMF and the recently released phpBB 3. Censura 2.0 will know if your members are logged into your forums so they don't have to re login each time they want to add a review.

Censura Coding and Development
Censura 2.0 has been written using an object-orientated programming approach, often used by large enterprise applications. Much of Censura 2.0's code architecture has been adpated from Java Enterprises patterns. As such, we believe Censura 2.0 is one of the most modern, robust, PHP applications available!

Harnessing the new power available in PHP 5.2, Censura uses the latest technology available to power it's unique engine.

New Template Engine with Search Engine Friendly URLs
Censura 2.0 uses a new URL routing feature. We developed this as an addon to the new Smarty-based template engine adopted for 2.0. With one config variable "switch", you can change from traditional dynamic URLs such as to modern, search engine friendly URLs such as - you can even change your URL patterns to change the term "products" to whatever you want and change the file extenstion to your liking, or do away with it alltogether! The template engine will detect the config changes and update all the links within Censura automatically without you having to do a thing!

Censura 2.0 is multi-lingual with support for UTF-8 and non-latin charactersets.

Other Features
Censura 2.0 adds several other new features, and improvements including an API to use on external sites, and RSS feeds.

Pricing and Availability
Censura is priced at just $185 for a lifetime perpetual license.
12 months of updates (including major version updates) are included.
Lifetime support via our email ticket system and forums as standard.

Online Demo
Test drive Censura today and decide how Censura can best enhance your site...

Company Name: Concordia Enterprises Ltd