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Thread: Tomcat + Plesk

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    Tomcat + Plesk

    We've just added Tomcat to our list of supported software on Plesk. However i've already had a couple of requests from clients.

    Firstly, to upload a package you are required to upload a .war file from within the control panel. This is then sent deep within the server and the client has no access to the extracted files, instead they have to keep uploading an updated war file if they make any changed. Is there any way to allow them to just upload the files to a /webapps/ folder via FTP and Tomcat will read these as normal?

    Secondly, some clients would like the ability to see the tomcat logs. However, it seems this isn't possible with the default setup. Is there any way to give clients access to their own Tomcat logs?


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    I run tomcat on my dedicated server but not with plesk so I don't know how much of this will be related to your setup. Tomcat creates a separate WEB-INF folder for each war file that is extracted, there is still in server.xml if I remember correctly for configuring this. You could probably find a way to create a symbolic link from somehwere in their home directory to this directory. The tomcat documentation on is pretty good. I found I learnt a lot of stuff from doing the insallation myself (much more than if I had just run an install progam of sorts).

    As far as logs go tomcat usually creates a separate log for each site anyway so this should be easy to change.

    My guess would be that plesk runs some sort of script whenever a war file is deployed so I would go hunting for that, read the tomcat documentation and then make the changes.

    Hope this helps a little.

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    Plesk and Tomcat

    Hello Dan,

    I'm using Plesk for the first time, i must to admit i hate it but i must to use it anyway

    I'm using the version 8.2 for Windows.
    I've found the Tomcat folders, i tried even to put my web application in the webapps folder, but it seems that the folder is ignored, it matters only what is in the uploaded war files -_-.

    I'm experiencing a great problem with Tomcat, maybe you could give me an hint about that.
    I need to access to a folder external to Tomcat, say c:\folder.
    I tried to create an alias in the server.xml configuration file, but it seems it is ignored too, but it works fine on my local server. How could i make such folders accessible?

    Another possibility i have is to access from the jsp pages to a Tomcat's root subfolder. It works fine with JSP pages, but unlucky the servlets cannot access it.
    They are in the war file as well, so i can't get the working directory: a call to getRealPath() in a servlet returns null

    Do you know how can i solve one of these two problems?
    thank you in advice

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    I remember once I tried Tomcat + cPanel but it was head spinning. Not sure with plesk.

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    I can help you with setup. This is easy. Please PM me.

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    Plesk tomcat implementation is not what clients are usually seeking. I stopped offering it. Also java servlet will eat your shared hosting RAM. - Anonymous Offshore Hosting Solutions with DDoS Protection
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