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    108 Is Hiring Salesmen

    We at iXenNet are currently searching for salesmen that can get sales and build customer relationships. We need salesmen that are committed on gaining sales and working with customers. We need people that will post on forums, submit our site to web directories and much more.

    Because of all the hard work our salesmen participate in, we like to reward them. All salesmen will receive a free hosting account upon being employed and face opportunities of rising in the ranks and gaining hourly pay.

    All of our salesman receive 100% commission for the first months payment of the referred customer and then receives a recurring 20% commission which continues as long as the customer stays with us. In the case of yearly payments, the salesmen will receive 40% of every yearly payment made by the referred customer.

    If you are interested in applying for a sales position in iXenNet please send a resume and your advertising plan to sales [at] Replies to this post and private messages will not be read.


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    I'm interested...
    i will take the hosting plan only....
    free domain and free name server is not necessary

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