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    what version of centos for whm/cpanel ?


    i want to install the centos for whm/cpanel.

    can you recommend the stable version of centos for me?


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    CentOS-5 would be the most appropriate choice, for cPanel/WHM software.
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    At this point I'd recommend CentOS5 over 4 as at this point it's been out for a while and our experience been stable.
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    thanks for all the suggestion,

    there are 5.0 and 5.1,

    which one will be better?


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    Cpanel supports CentOS 5.x so it make sense to use latest one. As I know there are no so many differences in these distribs but I prefer to use updated versions. In any case it depends on your needs and preferences. You can check release notes here, for example: h t t p : / / w i k i . c e n t o s . o r g / M a n u a l s / R e l e a s e N o t e s / C e n t O S 5 . 1 /

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