IndyaMail/IndyaNow Announces Monster VPS Managed Line - as low as 25GB for $40 with Control Panel-Fully Managed.

Website: (Part of the IndyaMail Company)

Happy New Year everyone! We've brought up some really cool VPS plans this year for you (their not listed on our site and totally WHT member targetted)

All Plans include:

FREE WHM/CPanel Licensing
Fully Managed Support
Full Security & Server Setup before Delivery
24x7 Real Time Telephone Support & SMS Support (we always pick up)
Around the clock Messenger & Email Support
24 Hour Setup and Delivery
99.9% Uptime Guarantee

VPS Plans :

*B1* (Website Special)
25 GB Storage
200 GB Bandwidth
384MB Dedicated Ram (Burst.768MB)
10 Dedicated IPs
FULLY Managed

Plan 1:
10 GB Storage
300 GB Bandwidth
384 MB Ram expandable (bursted) to 512
1 IP
FULLY Managed
60$ USD

Plan 2:
15 GB Storage
400 GB Bandwidth
576 MB Ram (upto 768)
1 IP
FULLY Managed
70$ USD

Plan 3:
40GB Storage
1000GB Bandwidth
256 MB Ram (upto 350)
2 IP
FULLY Managed
70$ USD

Plan 4:
80 G Storage
1500 GB Bandwidth
512 MB Ram (upto 1GB)
6 IP address
FULLY Managed
100$ USD

Plan 5:
15GB Storage
300 GB Bandwdith
256 MB Ram (up to 512)
1 IP
+ 10 GB Remote BackUp Storage
FULLY Managed
60$ USD

Plan 6:
20 GB Storage
500 GB Bandwidth
512 MB Ram (upto 760)
3 IP
FULLY Managed
70$ USD


OR contact us for Presales:

Contact Us:

MSN Messenger: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +91-9824450000 (24x7 - anytime)

Terms & Conditions :
Cancellation requires a week prior notice.
No IRC, Warez Hosting or Proxy Sites allowed.
No Spamming Allowed.
Adult Hosting is ALLOWED.

* ALL VPS Include Linux OS / Cpanel Licensing and Ruby rails & TomCat /Java Applet preinstalled .

Plan 1 & 2 can be interchaged (downgrade or upgraded to each)
Plan 3 & 4 can be interchanged (downgraded or upgraded to each)

The reasons some of the costs makes no sense or you dont see a similarity or common norm on pricing is all the above plans have been compiled looking at our top 3-4 providers and then seting up pricing based on their plans + our support. As mentioned all the providers above in the 6 plans (3-4 providers) are very stable and high uptime hosts .