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Thread: eNOM Resellers

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    eNOM Resellers

    I'm looking for direct eNom resellers and indirect resellers that can provide me eNom Reseller accounts with very cheap rates , I'm going to use them in a non-competetive system.
    The rates should be competetive with OnlineNic rates which is under 7.99 $ ,
    If somebody can give me a 6.49$ or 6.99$ reseller account it will be the best option.

    Please PM me to get more info and negotiating regarding the contract terms and fees.

    Thank you very much,

    PS:at the moment I'm an eNom reseller for 8.15$ but I don't want to pay 6990$ to reduce prices!

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    ReZa, for your information, enom's best reseller gets the lowest rate of $6.95, so you can't go lower than that.


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    Is an indirect reseller similar to direct resellers. I am interested to but I want to know what is the exact difference between two kind of accounts (If Ibye the reseller account from enom or obtain an indirect account from an enom reseller).

    I have a star-gate bulk reseller account now. But they are $8/domain.


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