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    how to check email via telnet

    hey how can we check our email via telnet. Can anyone explain...

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    Which email? Any email?

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    Re: how to check email via telnet

    Originally posted by jolly
    hey how can we check our email via telnet. Can anyone explain...
    Why would you want to do that...surely If you don't know don't need to know. Anyway..telnet is rarely used in webhosting as it is vulnerable to exploitation. Most webhosting companies use ssh.


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    if you're using a shell account, be it ssh or telnet, I recommend using pine.

    if you're telneting to port 110, here's the commmands:

    user <username> - Enters the username of the pop account.

    pass <password> - I think you can guess

    stat - find out how many messages there are.

    list - list the messages, they'll have numbers

    retr <number> - display a certain message.

    dele <number> - delete a certain message.

    quit - close the connection.

    I can't think what else you could mean, so that should cover it.

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    I use what adammc described on a regular basis... is a good alternative to firing up the email program to find out you have no messages.

    I normally use 'list' because if you use retr, sometimes your real email client will think the message has been read and either:
    a) Not retrieve it
    b) Delete it (without retrieving it).

    Shaun Ewing

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