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    Thumbs up Review

    Hello all at WHT, I have written this review to share my positive experience with VT6. I would personally recommend there service to anyone.

    I started off my VT6 experience in September with an "Ultimate VPS". My VPS was setup within hours. I received all the relevant information via email including SSH, WHM and HyperVM details. This meant no poking around with the support in an attempt to gather my details like other hosts I have dealt with.

    I kept the VPS for one month, during this time I sent many questions to the support team which were all dealt with, in minutes, even the ones I sent in the early hours of the morning. They truly do offer 24/7 support.

    After a month of owning the “Ultimate VPS”, I ended up in a dilemma; I wanted a Plesk VPS however VT6 had ended Plesk support. I was very disappointed so I sent a ticket to VT6 to ask if they could supply me with a Plesk solution to which I received a positive response.

    Since then I have nothing but praise for VT6 there support is very quick and efficient. With VT6 my server has experienced NO downtime in 4 months.

    Thanks Nic

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    Glad to hear your satisfied with your company. Best of luck to you in the future.

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    NO downtime in 4 months.
    Good! Congrat to you!
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    Happy hosting stories are never in too much of a supply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ldcdc View Post
    Happy hosting stories are never in too much of a supply.
    I'd definitely have to agree. I really appreciate it when I see someone take their time to come back and post a positive review from time to time.
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    Thanks for the review, do let us know if you ever have any criticisms.

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