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    DigiChat Hosting

    Managed Chat Hosting Services
    The most convenient way to add a thriving online community to your site.

    A DigiChat Chat Hosting account integrates seamlessly into your current web site (no matter where it is hosted); in fact, to the rest of the world, it looks like you're running your own dedicated chat server. Our URL never appears in your visitor's browser window! Our Chat Hosting accounts allows you to fully benefit from DigiChat without the headaches and hassles commonly associated with running and maintaining traditional Internet servers.

    Best of all, you maintain full control over your chat site, including the ability to add your own customized logo, advertising banners, automated text messages, icons/avatars and as many chat rooms as you wish. With the ChatMaster application, administration of your chat program is a simple, point and click affair. It couldn't be easier. For answers to some commonly asked questions about DigiChat, feel free to visit our Sales FAQ page.

    The Cost
    Our low cost is perhaps the most attractive feature of our chat hosting service. Prices start at only $25.00/month (with no setup fee). DigiChat hosting plans offer the most cost-effective means of establishing a sense of community at your Web presence. Where else can you get that level of customer loyalty building functionality for such a low cost of entry? You don't have to purchase any DigiChat server licenses, AND you don't have to purchase server hardware, AND we handle all bandwidth, management infrastructure, software updates, and maintenance. It's truly plug and play...

    Managed Chat Hosting Features
    Chat with any Java-enabled browser; DigiChat requires no special software for your users to download and install!

    Create and use your own custom site logo, user icons/avatars and scrolling banners.

    Create unlimited rooms and topics, including password protected rooms for restricted access.

    Control your chat site remotely from anywhere on the Internet.

    Control your chat content with ChatWatch™.

    Control your chat with the ability to kick and ban offensive users.

    Set up ChatMonitors to monitor the site while you're away. You have full control over who gets what access privileges.

    Fully integrate DigiChat with your existing membership system and any database!

    Setup is easy, just upload our "chat.html" page to your site and you're up and running. Your users will never know you don't have your own dedicated chat server!

    Set up ChatMonitors to monitor the site while you're away. You have full control over who gets what access privileges.

    More Info:

    Here is an example of a site using DigiChat:

    100 Concurrent Users

    500 Concurrent Users

    Unlimited Concurrent Users

    Any questions? Contact us or post questions here!


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