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    PacificRack Review - 4 month experience

    i had good relationship and experience with this company

    i can give this points to their services

    Prices : 8/10
    Support : 9/10
    Uptime : 9.9/10
    Speed : 9/10
    KVM over IP Access : 3/10

    hardwares are brand new (as i realized)
    i had no downtime almost and they weren't more than 5 minutes
    and before them they informed me "maintenance may happen in xx:xx date because of upgrades"

    i got answer for my tickets less than 1 hour always except holidays and weekend i hope they resolve that problem too

    before PR i experienced many webhosting companies (1and1 , hostgator,layeredtech,liquidweb)

    PR is not what i want at all points but its still best webhosting company that i experienced and its my recommendation for all web developers and webmasters

    HamidReza Nasrolahi

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    thanks for the honest review gharibe, and we will continue to try very hard and make sure you stay happy!

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    They definitely deliver on there promises!! I have been a customer with them for 3+ months and everything on there end is flawless!!

    I payed a visit to them on 12-31-07 to install a server in my rack and they had 2 techs on at 11:30pm!! One of the techs helped with the install to speed things up even though he didn't have to!!

    First Class A+ service in my book.


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