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    Setup Help Request & Ideas

    Hi there. I need help estimating how much a server setup would cost. Please help me here, and please ďassumeĒ that money is no object so I can better find the best setup and go from there. THANK YOU!
    Iím trying to make a virtual 3D world accessible via internet. There would be 500 users online at a time. +300 each month. There would be high graphics streaming & showing players in real-time.

    My questions:
    -Is it better to go with a few high-grade servers or many low-mid-grade servers?
    -Internal storage in each server or one central storage base thatís expandable?
    -What operating system on the server?
    -Can the server be Apple made? Would Apple made servers work with PC players?
    -What other equipment do I need? Firewall? Load balancer? Others? Recommendations?
    -Oh, and were on earth can I find servers? It seams only Apple sells them from the site, as HP & Dell havenít helped me out muchÖ Links?

    If you have any other tips I would love to hear them; also any other questions for me to consider, or thoughts would be loved very much!


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    Firstly, sounds very good - and kind of like something which exists - "Second Life".

    What you would need to do is a full analysis of your requirements, both from an application design perspective as well as from a hardware perspective.

    Application Design - assuming you haven't designed the "environment" yet, you would need to look at the platform you are using - from here, you would be able to derive a minimum requirements list (MRL) of the platform the 3D environment has been coded in.
    Then, using the MRL, one would need to be then look at the minimum requirements of the resources required to run the environment; with two sets of minimum requirements at hand, you would then be in a position to get a "skeleton" of WHAT you would need in terms of the servers.

    (short version)

    Hardware Setup - I would personally try and seperate as much of the components as possible - i.e. databases on a seperate machine, RAID storage on a seperate machine, etc. just so as to allow you to, in the future, replicate the data easily across multiple (physically seperate hosting locations) - as you have to remember, latency will be quite an issue for a "live" 3D environment.
    This would also allow you build-on a "redundancy" plan for your programme by having the application spread across different phyiscal hardware (on the same sub-net).

    Operating System - well, I would personally go for a Linux flavour - I think in terms of cost / performance, this would be suited to a Linux based OS.

    Hardware Firewalls (not software) to reduce system overheads, Load Balancers (definitely), and seperate DNS clusters, backup servers, as well as monitoring servers.

    I'm surprised HP & IBM haven't been helpful - perhaps I may be able to assist there.

    I know i've been very brief / vague, but I guess a full requirements analysis would take more than a single posting on here!

    All the best - look forward to seeing your 3D environment soon.
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    My recommendation is to talk to a sales engineer at a data center that offers enterprise application hosting.
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