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    * Advice on Selecting Hosting Company?

    I own a small company specializing in the production of science education videos we sell to public schools. We would like to begin to deliver our videos to schools over the Internet. Our collection includes about two thousand video clips with accompanying metadata. We hope to gradually build a customer base of several hundred schools by June 2009. I need advice on how to find a good company that offers the colocation server option, and I need to know what kinds of questions to ask when shopping for a company. I would appreciate any advice anyone can provide. Thanks!

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    For Education, the building with the largest network and packet density in the world is Starlight at NorthWestern University 710 Westshore drive. Educational Instituition Collaboratives from all over the world use it as a central HUB. Collocation there is scarce however the Chicago Fiber Ring goes to many colo's in Chicago from there and members have cheap access to it. I would reckomend you contact Karl Zimmerman at Steadfast....I have not done business with him yet but see nothing but good posted about him and nothing but intelligent posts by him.
    If I had your requirements, He would be my first call....If you want good connectivity to this market there is no location better on earth...
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    Especially for videos and streaming you need to make sure that the connection is fast (100Mbps or more) and that you have the option to get unlimited traffic - all that for an affordable price.

    And the data center should have 24/7 tech staff available just in case. It also is important to have several internet carriers in the data center - just in case one goes down.

    I have used for my colocation needs.

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