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    3D Illustration - Possibley Illustrator or Acrobat


    Im looking for someone to use for ongoing use of creating a 3D model/illustration similar to PDF that can be viewed at

    Id like to come up with a basic template of the steak branding iron and a box that can be viewed at Also, Id like the illustration to reflect our new handle that can be viewed at

    From there Id like to email you a vector image as a new project comes in with a logo to be put onto the branding iron similar to how the double triangles are on the sample PDF. The other thing Ill need is for the logo to appear as though it was branded onto the top of the box similar to how the BBQ appears on the branded box image.

    Lastly, there will be occasions when Ill need the logo to appear as though its stamped onto the handle as well.

    Off hand I would expect 2 3 per week and occasionally more. Like I mentioned, Ill try to send every logo as a .AI or .EPS file so all that will need to be done if you were to come up with a standard template of the branding iron & box. From there all that would be to changed is the image out on each job.

    There may be occasions where the branding iron image will be one piece and won't require the horizontal bar holding the two triangles together simliar to that on the PDF. With this in mind we may want to create two standard templates.

    I don't really see this as a variable cost item since the logo will already be in a vector format and it just needs to be modified to fit the feel of the PDF that I've shown.

    I'd like to get quotes on creating the two basic templates and then a quote for each project of creating the PDF based on the logo that I send. I'd prefer to receive them via email using DL [AT] STEAKBRANDS.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Best regards,
    David L.
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    Sorry, the email address is DL[AT]STEAKBRANDS.COM
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