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    Recommended hardware configuration


    One of my customers wants to host around 400 websites on a dedicated server which will have SQL 2000 Standard Edition installed and 400 small sized SQL databases created on the server. The average transactions per database per day will be 10. That means on an average there will be 4000 transactions per day. The size of each database will not be more than 10 MB.

    Can anybody suggest what should be the ideal hardware configuration?


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    i would prefer dual xeon 1.8 or upper with 4GB ram

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    Thanks a lot deapache.

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    more memory

    I will strongly suggest that you go for as much memory that you can afford since sql transactions use memory. The queries are cached in the memory before it is committed to the disk. Now it has become a standard to have at least 2 GB of memory in a normal server. Also the memory modules have become more cheaper and affordable now.
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