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    * strange problem help me

    iam new bee to dedicated server iam haveing 80GB hard disk,when i look my service status Disk /dev/hda3 (/usr) 63 % full itz showing what may be the problem how to slove it can any one help to reslove the problem

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    Try to login via SSH and use this:
    du --max-depth=1 | sort -nr

    It will provide you the list of directories and their sizes inside /usr with descending order (starting from the bigger to the smaller ones).
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    Do u haveing any idea,what may cause this problem,bcz i juts used 10Gb out of 80Gb so how many rise to 64% any idea abt this!

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    How about following psyxakias advice... That should give you a hint what and where your "bits & bytes" are.
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