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    Need Help with New Video Sharing Site

    I am in the beginning stages a new video sharing site (intend to use Clip Share) which will pertain to sports. I have reserved the domain name, filed a trademark application for the name, have the ideas for what I wish to accomplish BUT need help with the design of the site, setup, the administration, hosting, etc, etc....

    I will need necessary server, bandwidth, management of site and server and speed with the ability to handle potential high traffic. I HAVE RECEIVED INFORMATION FROM and ANYONE HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH EITHER ENTITY??

    Please contact me to let me know what services and direction you can provide to me. I welcome all advice and guidance. I am interested in getting things done as soon as possible. Thanks very much.


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    Is it something similar to Youtube?

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    what is the website?

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    I have been using for a while now with shared hosting and recently upgraded to dedicated hosting with them, both the shared hosting and the dedicated hosting has been brilliant. I have had no down time, the speed has been quick even on shared hosting with around 10K+ downloads a day on videos using Dolphin, as you can imagine the dedicated is just as good and better.

    Would highly recommend infrenion if you're looking for good hosting with ffmpeg and lots of bandwidth.

    Oh and there support has 24x7 on chat which has been great when i needed a couple of questions answering.

    hope this helps.


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