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    YAPPFH (Yet Another PHP Programmer For Hire )

    Been doing PHP for almost 3 years now, Have exp with large projects, load balancing, and system admin level programming.

    Not only can I program your site for you but I can get your server up and running with the lasted self-compiled versions of php with all the toys you need

    What can I say im a multi-talented person.

    Self Promotional Material ( No website as yet just links to previous work )

    Brief rundown for those who dont want to follow those links

    Shopping Mall Style site that allowed users to create there own mall, and customize pretty much everything from the templates right down to the color of buttons ( It was pretty much a web based website creation program, just revovled around shopping )

    Dating Service Site, what more is there to explain here?

    Parts database, where computer resellers can upload there excess part inventory. Semi-Intellegent uploading system that can handle both Excel and CVS files, and can auto detect the order of columns.

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