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    VHCS... Looks good but is it?

    Hi WebHostingTalk guys,

    I have been looking a vhcs for a a few days and it looks great! I want to buy a domain for my webserver and have a free website host that has a subdomain for all my users. I only want to do this for a fun exciting hobby BUT i was looking around here and it seems that you approve more in ISPconfig anr there flaws in VHCS that i should know about in is it because ISPConfig has a firewall you more approve?


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    Do you have a link?


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    I think he's referring to and

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    Yes i was meaning waht idcdc said i have tried installing it VHCS but is extreamly complicated! VHCS looks nicer in a browser but in linux its difficult. What is it you really like about ISPconfig?

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    simple answer, they both are ok for hobby/personal use (vhcs has had major security issues though in the past). I wouldnt consider using either for commercial use and yes, i have used both of them.

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    There were 2 other ones i looked at RavenCore and WebCP do these sites have a good reputation bacause i plan to run a server for 'free new zealand subdomains and hosting'

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    Virtualmin for Webmin is also a nice free control panel, doesn't have a "reseller" level, but other than that it is great for open source.

    ISPConfig would be my second recommendation, VHCS is good and easy to install if you use Debian, but for other distros I would suggest Virtualmin or ISPConfig.

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    Yes VHCS does look very easy to use and i am getting debian 3.1 because it has a package for it! Not debain 4. I i were to get hacked or something like that would the server-debian get hack by just being on the web or would hackers find a flaw in VHCS? because that way i would know what to for in vunlerbalities on the software.

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