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    Selecting a Video Web Developer

    I own a small company specializing in the production of science education videos we sell to public schools. We would like to begin to deliver our videos to schools over the Internet, and are searching for quotes from video website developers who could design a website for our product. Our collection includes thousands of video clips with accompanying metadata. Are they any suggestions for the general architecture of such a website? Does anyone have any suggestions of companies who have expertise doing this?

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    Have you consider the monthly cost of serving videos to a big audience? It will be big.
    Of course there are a lot of solutions you can follow for delivering static content like content delivery networks and all depends on how much you can spend. The web application IMO should be your last concern.

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    I think you'll need to have some sort of search engine to pull up the clips using their metadata (which I assume includes keywords and whatnot). You'll need a pretty hefty server with enough storage for that many clips.

    How do you see the schools using the system? One way would be something similar to youtube - perhaps they pay for access, and then can login and display video in the classroom or something? Regardless, you'll also need someone who knows about converting videos to different formats, streaming, etc. Sounds like a big project to me.
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    I believe your request is possible and may have a solution for you.
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