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    Established Gaming Site for Sale - Best Features Available

    Ok I'm considering selling MetroGamers if I can get a right price on it.


    REASON: No time to advertise it, get trafic to it, maintain it, etc.. Those that have time on their hands can turn it absolutly huge.

    • News system - hand written, with reply, rate, views
    • Reviews / Previews - Rate game, add comments, screenshots management
    • Screenshots - Easy control panel management, neatly organized in folders and external screenshots viewer for every game
    • Cheats / Guides - Easy to navigate, content management
    • POINTS system - Pretty much everything a user does on the website gives him points. With points you can buy new armor, weapons, rings, potions and so forth. Different site actions give different amount of points
    • Battle System 1 - Battle home organizes all battles previous or now and neatly does a great ouput for easy naviagation in a greaty layout
    • Battle System 2 - In battles it goes by turns. All security measures taken, no security holes at the moment. Such as a user drinking a potion at will. It uses up a turn as well. Damange formula, accuracy formal are quite complex and non predicatble which makes it more fun
    • Town 1 - You can spend points to increase hp, mp, str
    • Battling - STR does more dmg for meelee weapons where as int will help wizards cast magic
    • Town 1 - Features a gym (hp, str training), shrine (mp training), hotel (restores hp and mp for price), store (buys stuff), bank, clan hideout
    • Bank - Deposit money ,withdraw, transfer to different bank accounts, gain interest, upgrade account and gain bigger interest
    • Clan System - Anybody can come and register a clan. Get isntant access to a control panel and manage every link on the side, news, events, calendar, oucomes and even create their own databases (unlimited) which is shown on the side, with lots of customization accross
    • Clan System 2 - Founder is able to give different members different amounts of access. There are around 50 commands he can use. Moderate, approve, decline request users
    • Clan System 3 - Founder can close registration so new requests can't be made. Can also select weather to show clan in list or not

    These are just features in general. There are many many many more features that I could talk forever. Coding is EXTREMLY EFFICENT and is made to support a LOT of users online at a time. The site comes with 2 months free hosting and support / upgrades. (in case you find a security hole I fix it for free). Traffic is minimal, i haven't added it to any search engines yet.

    As said I am only considering selling it. If you are interested please e-mail me at [email protected]

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    I forgot to mention the admin control panel features over 4,000 commands and controls everything on the site no matter how small.

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    Re: Established Gaming Site for Sale - Best Features Available

    Originally posted by MrLister
    Ok I'm considering selling MetroGamers if I can get a right price on it.
    I'm a large games fan and have about 6 games-related sites currently.

    How much exactly do you have in mind? Otherwise you will have people saying silly things like $10
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    Well serious offers. The coding has over 100 hours put into it and is practically perfect. More screenshots are available at

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    I would like to know about what price you are looking for.
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    Looks very cool.. We are running a game related sites too and this is really impressive.

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    I would buy this in a second if I could possibly ever afford it... I'm working with a couple of people to start a gaming site and that would be PERFECT!

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