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Thread: leaseweb review

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    leaseweb review


    I'm already customer of leaseweb and i have live some problems. Now i'm hesitating that i did right choice. Please share your opinions about leaseweb.


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    The support is the problem, is very slow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by didadida View Post
    I'm already customer of leaseweb and i have live some problems
    Would you like to comment here what issues are you facing?

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    I had live HDD problem twice. They were said 'hdd is corrupted and data recovery isn't possible'. After two or three days (today) i live same problem again. I can't write to data on my backup partition at same point. At least fsck verify my doubt. I think they didn't replace the hdd. Btw i'm losing time of course. Luckily, my all data was backupped on other vps (approx. 20gb).

    Now, i'm waiting leaseweb support's answer (for 3 hours). Probably i'll live same things again.

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    Here is my fresh terror story. I am a leaseweb customer for 4 months. In Feb 1st, I realize that my dedicated server was down. I contact them and they told me that they had some problems in some racks with the power.

    A few hours later they contact me again and told me that the server doesn't start anymore and they checked the server with a linux rescue cd but the complete /etc/ is almost empty!!!

    I aggree to reinstall the server and to add a second 160GB so I can temporarily try to copy some data from my old disk.

    Now I'm waiting for them to wake up or to work on Monday... In the mid time my customers are very angry with that as anybody can imagine, and I loose money for some problem which I am not responsible...

    Any opinions about that ?

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    The outage affect 2 of our servers too but they reboot without any issues.

    Here is the explanation of the outage:

    If you don't have SLA you should have a backup plan. For example have a backup server that you can use in case something goes wrong with the primary server.

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