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    Ever wonder how all the tech works?

    I have shared before that I am into electrical engineering.
    What I have not shared is how..I never went to school for it.

    I learned by doing.

    Of course..I can tell you many an hour was spent at GSU and GA Tech's libraries. See..the internet changes many things.

    Back in the day..TI even charged for hard copy more. Free downloads..all you want. It's all there for the taking..application notes..examples..reference designs.

    All this is well and do need to see it in front of you.

    No problem there..some of that is even free as well.

    These last few days have centered around RAID cards/systems.

    Why so expensive? Simple. The components are insanely expensive..I figured that. Add software costs to that..and you have a very expensive end product.

    Still..I've got to you really need all that to get the job done? I doubt it. has been some time since i even took a look at any of this. Wow. I!

    OC-192 chippies, anyone?

    or howabout this bad boy:

    160 Gbps Intelligent Switch Fabric 10 Gbps QueueManager

    Of course..this has nothing to do with the RAID..still..being the geek I am...I have to take a look.

    Bryon L Harvey
    Soil Relocation Engineer

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    Austin, Texas
    I started in component level electronics when I was about nine thanks to my Dad, only went to a couple of years of high school electronics class, Haven't really touched my massive collection of stuff in about 8 years (28 now) tho I've recently (past couple of months) been picking it back up as I toy with the frame of my first project in a very long time, a 'toy' submarine that I can control from a laptop with on board cameras and etc etc:p
    I am here. Did you need something boss? I'm just knocking out your tickets and live chats correctly and fast as possible while monitoring the servers and their services and admiring all the blinky cage lights. Just message me if you need any help.

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