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    * JW FLV Player Customizations


    i'm looking for:

    - flv player customization ( create a custom skin )
    - an age check verification or similar before play the videos
    - a solution for hide flv source adress ( hide flv location from firefox / internet explorer status bar and HTML code - i have no idea if is possible but i found that this website have found a good solution because the source is not visible also with an HTTP traffic analyzer )

    PM or post if you are able do do that....

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    I'm also looking to add Age Check / Age Verification / Birth Date Check to the JW FLV Player.

    Has anyone done this? I haven't found anything searching the web yet.

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    Well this can be implemented. My company developes custom FLV players. Our free version are available at

    One among these or a new one can be made with custom skin and features.

    Birthdate confirmation box can be asking user to select his/her birthdate and then let player go forward, otherwise hide the controls and load user to any site .e.

    Let me know.

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