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    Question any good???

    Hey all

    Anyone any experience on They seem to have very good tech support and knowledge base! And of course, they are top rated in

    Any good suggestion for Windows 2000 web hosting other than


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    And of course, they are top rated in
    This is a flat our lie. Please do a search about this here. They pay the most money in click throughs to get that rating. They low ball everyone else and call that top rating. Remember, CNet is counting total clicks throughs, NOT actual quality of service.

    I think if you do a search here, you will find your answer. I would never recommend them.

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    had 2 domains with them.
    Moved one 2 weeks, no reply to my cancel request.
    Moving other this week.
    Major down time and never get back to you.
    Old staff of Primemaster.

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