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    Which one is better?

    I need some advice.

    For a massive extensive mysql usage site, which one is better?
    Single Processor Quad Core Intel Xeon 3220 with 8GB RAM or Dual Processor Quad Core Intel Xeon 5310 with 4GB RAM?

    Thanks alot.

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    I think you mean Single Xeon X3220 and Dual Xeon E5310? If so, I would go with the first one cause it has 8GB RAM which help a lots for MySQL. Also make sure to setup RAID10 for your server, then you will have fast CPU, I/O disk, and a lot of RAM.
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    I think with properly optimized DB setup, you'll get much better performance from the quad core than from the extra RAM. I agree with Tommy that disk speed is going to be important.
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    Remember, RAM is more so how much can be done at once, where processor is how fast it can deliver.

    Quad Cores are definitely the way to go, and I guess 4gb. How much usage are you talking about?

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