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    ISPConfig - Understanding German source code problem

    I have recently started testing out ISPConfig and am wanting to do some customization and development with its code. It's really looking like ISPConfig is what I want to be using but most of the javascript and php code is in German. It's one thing to know javascript and php, but it's another thing to know them in German! I have not been able to locate an english translated version of the code thus far. Does anyone know of any releases that are changed to english?

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    German source code?

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    German source code?
    Yes. The comments, functions, and variable names for example are all in German. So while I may be able to translate some things (like the comments), it is difficult to understand what is happening in the code (especially if I want to customize things) when most of the code looks like this
    if (nachfolger[aktuellerIndex].ziel == "") {var zielFrame = standardZielFrame}
                            else {var zielFrame = nachfolger[aktuellerIndex].ziel}

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    wouldn't it be better to ask on the ispconfig forums?

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