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    RapidVPS is a good all around VPS Hosting Company, they provide not only VPS server but Dedicated and Shared Hosting. Their plans are also very very cheap the lowest plan costs 9.95 a month and barely has any downtime and also they have excellent support you will receive a reply on a support ticket within usually 1 minute of submitting. They also offer cpanel support for 15 bucks more with free fantastico license.

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    What domain do you have with them?
    Website Design and Marketing in France

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    I don't host a website with instead I just host my teamspeak and ventrilo servers with them and so far they have been great before I had hosted with them with cpanel to give free web hosting but that did not work out well cause of financial reasons for me. but overall they are a good hosting company.

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    Hi Jack, thanks for the words, although your first post does sound like a commercial... the mods here are very strict on verifying reviews (good thing), so we will see what happens!

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    Yeh sorry about that i'm not all that great at writing reviews but yeh i've been with them for about 1 year now and so far no trouble with them at all.

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    I've had two different accounts with RapidVPS for 18 months now and can recommend them without hesitation.

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    Same here; they are great!

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    Turnup Time: Instant Activation! ---> Most of other VPS hosting need 24 hours to setup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiuJia View Post
    Turnup Time: Instant Activation! ---> Most of other VPS hosting need 24 hours to setup.
    Yes, I love RapidVPS too.
    When I ordered a VPS, then paid by PayPal,
    I got an account mail within 10mins.
    It's faster!

    When you have to reinstall OS,
    you don't submit any tickets,
    because you can reinstall it yourself,
    just click and wait about 1mins, that's cool!

    Hope RapidVPS will be better and better,
    I'll host my site long time.

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    I had RapidVPS aswell, and I'd get another one from them. Support tickets neve took 1 minute though.

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