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    Would you pay for...

    A service where you can call in to a number. Find out the status of different process's on the machine, restart certain process and reboot the box ? I am looking in to designing such a service.

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    Good idea for new service. But i don't pay for such a service as services will auto restart when it fails. When server getting down, i can always reboot myself with out waiting for some one else do it.

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    Absolutely not.

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    I applaud your effort and idea, however this is a feature that many providers already offer in some way. I do not believe there will be enough demand to make this a worth-while venture. This entire industry relies on connection to the internet in some fashion, so while a phone may be preferred by a few, the vast majority will completely ignore this concept and favor doing it through the web.

    Regardless of what you choose to do, the best of luck to you!
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