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    cPanel Setup / Configurate


    Sorry if this is the wrong category to post in! I got recomendend by a friend to look on these forums for my needs!

    I have lately got a new dedicated server with cPanel 11 and Fantastico! What i am looking for is someone to install Fantastico for me!

    On top of that i am looking for someone to upgrade the server and install php5, mysql5, gd library, zend, ioncube and configurate the server so its "perfect" and ready to be used!

    I want the server configurated with the same features as a shared hosting company server! I want to put on some limitations like only 21% of cpu usages for no longer then 90 seconds and MySQL quires and so on!

    I hope that someone is able to help me with this asap trough msn or any other kind of contact method!

    Prices is an important factor ofcours, i am not rich and dont think i will be either So i hope someone is capeable of helping me for a reasonable price!

    Thank You,

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    We do provide this service & We can do this for you.

    Please check our services at: ( for Full details & prices)


    -It's our hobby,study and it's our work too. all of our team members have a BS in CS+1 IT certificate at least.

    -We use our OWN custom apps & scripts to secure & administer our customer's servers.

    -We have enough knowledge to resolve any problem related to servers & security.

    - If we cant or unable to fix your server's issue, we will REFUND the money to you.

    If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us at: [email protected] or MSN: [email protected]


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    I can help you with this.. Please PM me your contact info.
    I cant PM you since you dont have enough posts.
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    Hello Freddy,

    I can do this for you and your box will be ready soon. Just provide your ID.
    Back after a long time!

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    Honestly, installing Fantastico is easy.. Send me a message and I'll tell you how to do it without charging you anything just to help you out :]

    Everything else we can help out with for a fee

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    Hi Freddy,

    Feel free to PM me if you're still looking for somebody.

    Rob Greenwood
    RedHat Certified, Unix Consultant

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    I'd be happy to help get your server setup for you. Check out and the Server Setup plan, it is exactly what you're looking for.
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    Still Searching?

    If its not done we can do this for you.

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