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    Bandwidth and cpu usage increasing -- what to do ?

    when bandwidth and cpu and memory usage increasing x2 everyday what should we do for that ?

    my website is suing +300 GB daily Bandwidth
    i m using pacific rack servers but it can't provide me with something good as my monthly budget now i should suspend my website account everyday and my traffic is decreasing
    i also asked some small hosting companies for sponsorship but unfortunately they didn't know what they lost

    anyone got better idea ?
    what should i do ?
    my domain is also worth +250K USD (offered)
    i don't like to it parked

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    Sell some banners, maybe move to another provider that may be a little cheaper?
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    If you have that type of exposure, another option is to open a marketing business. What I would do if I were in your shoes is to find out what type of traffic you have and the demographic of the viewers because you may be sitting on a gold mine. This can be to your benefit.
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    If you have file downloads, share them over BitTorrent.

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