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    PHP Programmer for Hire...


    My name is Robin Hawkes and i have been coding HTML and PHP for about 4 years and have worked on quite a few projects through that time. I have made 4 or 5 non-profit sites my myself in the past and i have made alot of PHP scripts in the past for various clients and for myself.

    The best script i've made before to give you a rought example of what i can do was a Community System including:

    :: Registration (of members)
    :: Login
    :: User Levels (which are used for all scripts on my website to restrict access)
    :: Online Users (shows users who are logged in and active using sessions)
    :: Private Messaging (user to user)
    :: Admin panel with ability to edit/delete users and other parts of the website.
    :: News System (including Headlines, Archives, Comments, Based on the user dayabase)
    :: E-mail Forms
    :: Special Features based on user level

    I know there are alot more features but i can't seem to remember them now.

    If anyone is looking for a good PHP programmer and don't want to spend alot of money because i am on holiday now and just want to do PHP . Then contact me via:

    MSN :: [email protected] (don't send e-mails to that)
    AIM :: robin hawkes
    ICQ :: 64381051
    E-mail :: [email protected]

    I hope to recieve some interested parties soon.

    Thank You
    Robin Hawkes
    Portfolio :: Click Here
    E-Mail :: [email protected]
    AIM :: robin hawkes
    MSN :: [email protected] (no e-mails to this please)

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