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    Question Questions about webhosting

    I`m very new here and have some stupid questions:
    Why mut I have a own domainame to be able by a webplace?
    I have been seaching on the net for a long time for some cheap host, I donīt need mucht space but donīt like pop-ups and banners on my site.
    I have a domain from namezero but dont like to use it (i have space for that site allready). I donīt care what kind of URL I get.
    Please can someone help me.

    / Kaa from Sweden

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    Hi Kaa,

    If you don't want to purchase a domain name for your new site, I suggest you find a web host that offers subdomains. Usually subdomains are free, and you'll get a URL that looks something like this:

    If you go to the Web Hosting Requests Forum, you can ask for a host that offers a free subdomain and whatever your other needs are, and you will get plenty of offers to choose from.

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    try they offer free hosting with no ads and they support asp and the such..the only downfall is they don't support FTP for their free have to use a webbased uploader.

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    I'd also agree with the brinkster idea since you can get something like website name here), they give you ASP support and it is ad-free. I'm not crazy on the web-based upload or that they calculate monthly bandwidth usage daily but other than that they're pretty stable.
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    it would be more easy Kaa to buy a domain name cheaply
    .. they can be bought for about $10 - $15 (US dollars) a year .. and perhaps stay away from brinkster

    I have seen sites on brinkster, let me rephrase that .. I have not seen sites on brinkster that have exceeded their bw usage

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