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    NetBSD 5 finally again compatibe with Xen 3 & 64 bits


    We were very happily surprised to see that there is now a new version of NetBSD 5 that supports xen 3 for x86_64 (so it works when we use amd64 debian as dom0 as we have been doing for quite a long time now on all our modern intel EMT64T enabled servers).

    It seemed to be that it was working quite well on what I could test. Did some of you have some experience with it?

    To what I tested, the installer on the physical console of my VPS seemed running ok so far, but I didn't go further.

    I'm very happy that we can again give all our customers the possibility to run NetBSD when it was not possible anymore. That's wonderful. Big up to the NetBSD 5 team for the hard PMMU coding work, this shouldn't have been a small patch.

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    But will NetBSD 5 still run on my red toaster? Thats the question. ;p (in reference to the NetBSD toaster on the NetBSD site.)
    Ryan G.

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