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    Exclamation Need good reliable host !!

    Hi, I am looking for a host who can offer me

    150 -200 Mb disk
    5-10 gig bandwidth
    3 databases
    emails as many u can
    ensim or cpanel
    2-3 subdomains
    what else hmm

    oh cgi-bin and ssi

    for $5-$10 i think



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    I am guessing you would like some people views not bids
    [email protected]
    "We look after our customers, or someone else will"

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    bids , this is cool , ebay style ? cheper price wins ofcourse

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    Question You might have the Wrong Forum?

    POST here Hosts can not Advertise here!

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    Originally posted by Acme
    . . . . . . . cheper price wins ofcourse
    Not always the best option though.
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    1. Then go to ebay!
    2. I learned a very hard lesson, cheap is not the way to go!
    I am not saying to go with a big$$$ per month host, but you do get what you pay for from a good host.
    I spent 6 years looking for a great host, that's right 6 years!
    Want $2.00 per month service and up time? Then pay $2.00 per month!
    Yes, you can get cheap web hosting from ebay...good-luck.
    I watch those who choose cheap and then here they are 2 weeks later crying about no support and major down time!
    Bottom line, no cheap for me..................
    PS: I love my host so much now I will get them something for XMAS!

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    we are not a host provider.. but this panel seems to delete posts which i make in recommendation of a worthy host.. so we'll try this one more time..

    contact: msJasonRussell CEO / Earthbound Companies
    tell him theGoodTutor sent you.

    good luck

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