I am looking to re-establish myself in the web hosting industry for public relations. A few years ago, I led the trend by drafting and distributing press releases for companies like United Hosting, EIRCA, BestReseller, Digital Dreams and many others.

Now, I am ready to provide your company the advantage of having a publicist. This means I'll:
- Build and/or modify your reputation in the industry
- Help to reposition or emphasize your company's current positioning
- Develop promotional alliances
- Provide media training to your top company executives
- Pitch and schedule news stories and interviews in industry publications (e.g. Ping!Zine, TheWHIR, etc...)
- and more...

This year, I am interested in working with one or two web hosting companies that meet the following criteria:
- Specialize in a particular area of web hosting
- Incur revenues of $100,000+ a year
- Are headquartered or have offices within the United States
- Posses a good reputation, bad reputation, or unknown reputation
- Will strongly consider public relations as a major element of company policy

By the way, did I mention all of this is available at no cost!

Please send me a detailed paragraph on your company and why you may need my assistance. I don't care about your low prices, so save that pitch for your consumers. Company history (a timeline can suffice) and some background on your involvement in the industry is great information to include.

Email me, kyle#kylearnett.com. Replace the # sign with with @.

I am planning and coordinating an event in Florida this week and will return emails as soon as I can. I'll also post to this thread once I've selected the one or two companies I want to work with.

Thanks in advance,