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    Wink Best way to setup backup solution - No RAID5

    I have two dedicated servers and want to have daily data backup solution setup. What is the best way to setup auto data backup? I want to use a 3rd party server instead of RAID5 setup.

    Servers are running Cpanel/Linux. Basically. I need all data/mysql database backup. I need to transfer data to new servers if servers are down extensively/hacked or held hostage by the DC provider. (Just in case).

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    Well, if you're afraid of your datacenter, your options are a little bit limited, since that eliminates the option of backing up to another machine in the same space.

    If you weren't afraid, I would contact them, and see if you can get a single dual-port fddi card installed in a backup server. Then have a single-port fddi card installed in each dedicated server, run a fiber line from each dedicated server to your backup server, then transport data via rsync.

    Backing up outside of your datacenter is going to use a lot of bandwidth.

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    Mike - RAID is not a substitute for backup. You should _always_ have off machine backups regardless of your RAID configuration.

    WHM/cPanel has an internal backup mechanism that will let you ftp the backups to a 3rd machine. It is pretty resource hungry while compressing the backups. I prefer rsync, which uses less resources. Same basic precess minus compression if you choose to set it up that way.

    One thing to consider is in-datacenter vs out of data center backups. Most of the external options will require you to pay for the bandwidth at both ends, making in data center more affordable, but less fault tolerant in cases of natural disaster and such. Many hosting companies are beginning to offer in-data center, but out of network backups which don't count against bandwidth. You may wnat to look at some of those too.

    Another quick and dirty option is the utilization of a usb device attached to one or both of the servers, although this again limits catastrophic recovery options.

    Good luck,
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    Mike, using RAID is great for redundancy and when you have hardware issues but back up should be used in conjunction with Raid, but I am sure you know that.

    One thing to consider is getting another server at a different location to do send the back up data to or look for a provider that has multiple DCs so you can have your servers and back up solution with the same hosting company but in different locations.
    I would suggest doing some research and see what solution will work best, but IMO I would have either a back up solution or a server for back up in a separate location than your existing server(s).
    Good luck in your search.

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    641 is a great solution. If you have another server somewhere else, you may want to see if its within your budget to purchase an r1soft license and install it. You can backup your server hourly if you want, and its nice because it puts almost no strain on your system, running nightly rsync scripts is okay until you have lots of files.

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    I've had a lot of success using BQBackup, they do FTP/rsync backup.

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    CDP (Continuous Data Protection) may be your best bet. With remote Bare-Metal recoveries ... you would be protected continuously. Here are a few features of CDP technology:

    * Bare-Metal Disaster Recovery
    * High Performance
    * Small Backup Windows
    * Open File Backups
    * Snapshots
    * Near Continuous Backups
    * Compression
    * End-to-end strong encryption
    * Data Integrity (All restore data is MD5 verified)

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