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    Serious problem with Webmail

    Remote host said: 554 The message was rejected because it contains prohibited virus or spam content

    The message above I get when I email out. All my messages out via webmail and outlook bounce back, Incoming mail no problems. I am desperate for info leading to resolving this problem; additionally, I never spam anyone nor do I have any viruses in my computer - Anyone with any advice?

    Many thanks!

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    I forgot to mention this, I can access webmail and send email from any computer outside home. It's just that I can't send out from my home computer. The problem is somewhere in my computer,I believe, but I am everything but computer savvy. Please help. Thanks

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    Well if you're retrieving and sending e-mails from a client (ie: outlook, etc) which is connecting to your webmail account - check if your anti-virus or firewall is scanning your outgoing e-mails and adding attachments

    If it's just from webmail I'd consider looking at any add-ons for anti-virus on your browser itself. If you're using IE try and download firefox instead and see if the same problem happens.

    Good luck
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