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    Hi I am very interested in getting a dedicated server and running a small home based hosting business, but not with the intention of making lots of money- - rather pay for the server costs and make a little bit of spare cash.

    I know ABSOLUTELY nothing about

    I want something where I can administrate EVERYTHING from a control panel

    -add client and their accounts
    -monitor their activity
    -set all properties of a client account ie; bandwidth, diskspace, etc

    I won't be hosting newbies really, because I obviously can't offer much support just starting out, just people who want a good priced hosting package on an unclogged server.

    For Example - 15 clients paying 10$ a month is all I would strive for- I don't get selfish

    Well, now that you know What I know, please share with me good sites that offer a solution for me, and what i should look for in a dedicated server so as to administrate everything from a control panel.

    + I am interested in running IRCD
    + setting up shell accounts for EGGDROP bots

    / Romario /

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    Well, ya had me right up to the time ya said,

    "+ I am interested in running IRCD
    + setting up shell accounts for EGGDROP bots"

    then I couldn't think of anyone to recommend.
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    Not A Priority

    setting up irc and shells are not a priority- I don't know much about it..

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    You need a managed server as you do not know much about servers and unix etc.

    Then $150 is not enough for that. You will need to pay something arround $300 for such a server otherwise you will come up with problems that you are not able to solve.


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    Isn't CPANEL easy?

    Wouldn't it be pretty easy not to screw up a server if i just didn't try anything too advanced, say using a control panel that was easy to learn and just creating simple accounts for my clients.

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    There are always some bugs in control panels. Sometimes users do something wrong and a fix is needed.

    Also no one will purchase service i he knows you won't be able to support hime.

    Root is the only person who can do some tasks including repairs etc. I strongly suggest you to start working with a reseller account of your control panel of choice.

    You will learn everything if you can study technical books and specially technical forums like WHT. You will need a few months to gain the ability of managing a server. (at least for most of the general tasks).


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