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    DDR2 Memory Question


    I have an old IBM x346 (8840-21Y) server which I want to upgrade with non-IBM memory modules.

    The technical details are attached, will a DDR2 677 Mhz work just as well? must it be ECC?


    Technology: DDR II SDRAM - ECC
    Memory Speed: 400 MHz
    Memory Specification Compliance: PC2-3200 Form Factor: DIMM 240-pin
    Features: Registered, two DDR channels Configuration Features: 2 x
    512 MB Upgrade Rule: 2 modules at a time

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    Knowing IBM, yes it probably has to be ECC, and it must be registered as well at a guess. I'd not risk 677Mhz memory to be honest, a lot of memory doesn't like running at much lower speeds - I've seen it cause all sorts of weirdness and crashes in the past. Order from someone like Crucial and use their wizard to find compatible modules.
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    ECC was required

  4. DDR2 non-ECC
    DDR2 ECC unbuffered (non-registered)
    DDR2 ECC registered (buffered)
    are three different types of modules! your IBM x346 needs identical DDR2-400 ECC registered modules in pair.

    also, you need to be worry about single-rank vs dual-rank (double-rank) as well. some name brand servers may require single-rank modules, period.

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