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    * I cannot delete and access my email account thru cpanel !

    I'm using a Cpanel 4.9 and my domain name has a - (dash) in it.

    The cpanel can't seems to be able to recognise the (dash) in the domain name. I can't seems to setup my account with outlook express, Most improtantly, i can't even delete my account in cpanel after creating it !

    Anyone can advise me ?

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    I'd suggest asking your host what the problem is.


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    We have several domains with dashes in them utilizing cPanel with no problems.
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    Same here. Though that said, I remember having one customer with a similar problem. Using a different browser fixed it for him. - Reliable Web Hosting with magical support
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    We have several domains with dashes in them utilizing cPanel with no problems too.

    Don't forget;

    Your username is:
    your email address...

    have / have not dashes unimportant

    Have a nice day
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